I'm Mila, a GFE companion based in Ottawa who often travels to Toronto.

When we meet, you'll see a petite brunette with a fit yet feminine physique, and a mischievous grin that will excite you and pique your interests. With exotic, racially ambiguous features, olive skin and soft chocolate tresses. I'm your quintessential girl next-door, who's sweet and down-to-earth. I love to make others laugh, feel good, and feel heard. I'm known for my sense of humour and my contagious smile.

Just like you, I need to indulge. A discrete hotel tryst, or a long dinner where we flirt and enjoy each others company. I truly believe there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying fine wine and dining with a fine gentleman. Or l could come over to your place, or you to mine? We could grab stuff for a picnic and hike to the perfect, private spot? My multi-faceted personality and variety of interests makes me the perfect partner for all sorts of adventures.

I offer a fun, relaxing, and judgment-free experience. I'm both a good listener and someone you can trust with your deepest secrets and desires. And of course, I'm someone you can share a laugh with.

Think of my company as not only
an escape, but as a refuge from reality.





In all honesty, I'm a homebody at heart. I love to be cozied up at home with my cats and a nice fluffy blanket. When I'm not working I can be found wrapped up like a burrito watching Netflix, anime or playing what ever game I'm fixated on.. If you let me, I can talk about my favourite games and shows for hours (don't test me on that, you probably won't be impressed). I'm also a foodie, who's always open to trying new places and willing to entertain crazy cravings. To keep myself in shape I enjoy yoga, lifting weights, swimming and hiking/running when the weather permits. To keep myself sane, I love old music, new music, live music and getting my hands on any instrument I can. I've been reading music and playing the same instrument for years. I'm usually shy about it but I'd love it if you asked me about it! When I'm not home I can be found at a local pub or restaurant in the company of a friend, a lover or a good novel. 

I'm a simple girl who loves her cats, the beach, and the small, simple moments life has to offer.



Age – 25
Height – 5'4
Hair – Brunette
Eyes – Brown
Measurements – 34B – 26 - 36
Nationality – Mixed 
Shoe size – 6.5
Tattoos/Piercings – 0
Star sign – Pisces


Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese

Macarons, Cheesecake, Cheese

Pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cider, Tea,


Small house plants, Wine, Candles, Books

Gift cards
Amazon, Sephora, Ikea, Indigo


Sailormoon, Batman, Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, YuGiOh, Gundam
Cookbooks, Thrillers/Mystery, Self-help
The Office, Gotham, The Witcher, "You", Law & Order SVU, Forensic Files, 
A single rose, Lilies, Marijuana


- Your favorite restaurant or pub
- Arcades and board game bars

- Museums and art galleries 

- Hiking and nature walks

- Walking along the beach/boardwalk

- Live music

- Anime Conventions

- Movies,
- Netflix and chill
- Oasis Aqualounge

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